Ferrell Hospital Wellness Portal

Welcome to the Ferrell Hospital Wellness Portal!
This is your first step to a new wellness experience and better health in partnership with Deaconess Clinic Wellness Solutions!

Continue your Wellness Incentive by completing:

  • Your Personal health Survey
  • Bio-metric wellness screening
If you do not complete the wellness incentive components and have Ferrell Hospital insurance, your premium will increase by the following depending on the tier of coverage you have:

  • $25.00 bi-weekly insurance premiums for those enrolled in Employee or Employee + Child plan
  • $35.00 bi-weekly insruance premiums for those enrolledin Employee + Spouse or Employee + Family Plan

Step 1: Click on the "Take Survey" button below to take the Personal Health Survey.

Step 2: After the survey is complete, continue logging into the portal to create your account. Be sure you remember your user name and password as you will need this next time you return to the portal.

Step 3: To return to your portal after your account is created, use the "Returning User" section below and enter your username and password.

You only need to complete the Personal Health Survey one time. Click here to return to your
Personal Health Portal and view your Health Survey Results.

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